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Martini Design

“ Quintessential Palm Springs!!
So many suuuper cute and very well made items that represent Palm Springs... also, you will actually want to display or USE it because it's just do wonderful. Awesome customer service right on the main street.
Okay now GO!!! ”

Zoe K.
Claremont, CA
May 27, 2019

“ This kitschy and classic mid-century modern retail shop in downtown Palm Springs is heaven for those of us who love modernism, mid-mod styles, and fun. It is a MUST visit when in PS. Great, friendly staff and unique customers — which makes for an amazing shopping experience! I give it FIVE atomic starbursts! ”

Karen Gadberry
January 18, 2019

“ Great little stop in downtown Palm Springs!
If you’re looking for an iconic Palm Springs souvenirs or piece of memorabilia, this is the spot. The tissue boxes are the perfect gift for anyone who loves and appreciates not only mid venture modern architecture, but also the spirit of the era that put Palm Springs on the map as an old Hollywood destination oasis. ”

Nickie C.
Indianapolis, Indiana
June 3, 2019

“ Cool mid-century-themed gift shop. Usually have a fun selection of Beach towels and swimwear, plus it's a cool place to get unique gifts/souvenirs. They also have a fun little collection of mid-century and Palm Springs books and magazines. ”

Summer Romasco
January 16, 2019

“ Came in the first day you opened & haven't stopped! Always attentive & friendly staffed. Fun & unique items added often! The mid century homes/camper tissue holders are such a hit with friends & family. I've sent them all over the world & even better they're California made! Thanks for a easy one stop shop for the perfect gift or treat for myself! Shop local! ”

Jer V.
Palm Springs, CA

“ THE look of new Palm Springs. Great for higher end gift shopping, and, of course, 
YOU shopping. 
Nicely priced, too. ”

Jeff Barnett
June 19, 2017

“ We love Destination PSP. We've bought most of the stuff in the store. It's packed with beautifully designed Palm Springs-branded merchandise, clothing and other mid-century modern accessories. Many of their products are even locally made; we just picked up a couple of ultra-cool tissue box covers in the style of modern houses that were made locally. Great store; would definitely recommend for anyone who likes mid-century modern style or wants Palm Springs-branded clothing that's a step above a tacky t-shirt shop. ”

Scott H
Richmond, California
April 10, 2017

“ This store is, hands-down, one of the best stores on the main drag through downtown Palm Springs, Quality merchandise enjoyed by both tourists and locals. The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. A must for anyone strolling the downtown area. ”

Thomas Boudrot

“ I enjoyed discovering Destination PSP this time around while in Palm Springs. Great store to explore, fun, cool merchandise, not your regular souvenir, but cool, nice designed ones. Fun t-shirts, towels, totes, mugs. Great reproductions of posters from Palm Springs International Film Festival that would make a nice art addition to your wall. Cool books and DVD-s dedicated to the area. Palm Springs needed a modern store like this, it so fits the area. Great customer service. You can get fun gifts here or souvenirs that would ad something cool to your place! ”

Jo S.
North Hollywood, CA

“ Beautiful!! Love that it has items that support local charities too. ”

Sue Kilber Kalenze
July 16, 2017

“ Fun shop with designs and motifs ultra hip.
Cute shirts, cards and bathing suits.
Appropriate prices for the very chic designs offered.
This store is the place I bought stuff for friends who couldn't make it.
Very helpful friendly staff.
Don't miss the fun gifts! ”

January 29, 2017

“ This is a GREAT shop if you're looking for affordable midcentury modern accent pieces!  We were also happy to see a fun little local business that stayed open a bit after hours for us late-comers, so we could get a look around - thanks so much guys!!  We only get to town from San Diego county once every couple of months, so our shopping time is limited (we're hoping to order from your website, since we're back home now).  

We loved the wall of items to raise money for local non-profits - what an excellent idea, and perfect for the community.

We will be placing an online order, telling all of our friends about your store, and be back to say hi real soon!! ”

Michelle W.
Oceanside, CA

“ This is a wonderful store, especially if you want memories of Palm Springs and Modernism, and women's, men's, children pool wear, cards, ect ”

Client Name

“ This is unfairly categorized as a souvenir shop, but it's so much more than that. This place feels like the storefront for all things Palm Springs: friendly helpful people in the staff, colorful gifts to take home and give away, clean modernist styling everywhere, and expertly curated selection of clothes, cards, housewares, posters, etc. I stop in here every time I visit Palm Springs, and I always leave with at least a smile - make this a destination on your downtown walkabout! ”

Ray Q.
Los Angeles, CA

“ One of the best new stores in the desert! Something for everyone! For your self or gifts. ”

David Alverson
October 8, 2015

“ The store is merchandised with lot's of wonderful treasures and a eye for quality. I found a great midcentury ice bucket, tee shirt and a Nike palm Springs ball cap! It a must to check out. Great glassware and placemats as well! ”

Las Vegas, Nevada
March 28, 2017

“ The BEST and most interesting store in downtown.  Products are outstanding and unique.  They understand merchandising.  This beautiful store and wonderful owner Clark are what makes this place a GO-TO destination.  Prices are reasonable.  A must buy when there. ”

Lambertville, NJ

“ Great place for classy Palm Springs items without the high price. I love this place and shop there often for gifts and their Chelsea Lane swimsuits are out of this world!! ”

Heidi Nichols-Gustafson
September 21, 2015