Palm Springs Search and Rescue

Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue

Our unquenchable thirst for adventure and desire to explore new and sometimes dangerous terrain periodically will lead us into trouble. When this occurs in the greater Palm Springs area, there is an organization known as The Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue (PSMP-SAR) to come to his or her aid.

Hoist Rescue Training

Founded in 1949 after several hastily organized rescues resulted in the loss of equipment and injury to the improperly equipped rescuers and their horses, the Chief of Police formally organized a volunteer search and rescue unit. This prestigious organization has served as the honor guard for President Eisenhower, and worked in conjunction with the Palm Springs Police Department and the Bureau of Land Management as law enforcement in Tahquitz Canyon since 1968. The hard work and dedication to professionalism has even earned this organization a spot on the national show Rescue 911 in February of 1995.

Over the nearly 50 years of existence they have performed over 1,000 technical rescues in the mountains surrounding the greater Palm Springs area. These rescues are performed by horseback, hiking, and helicopter. As the difficulty of the rescues increase and the population of the city has grown, PSMP-SAR has evolved into a technical rock rescue organization.

IIf you are interested in joining PSMP-SAR, you are welcome to attend a meeting. For the time and location of their next meeting, you may contact PSMP-SAR at (760) 778-8470