Job Postings:

We are seeking a Store Manager to join our team! You will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of the retail sales team.

Store Manager

Reports to and Interfaces with:

Company Management, Product Development Manager, Shipping/Receiving Manager

Job Overview

Position is responsible for management of retail store operations including, staff, and store physical plant. Responsible for recruiting, training, scheduling and discipline of staff. Position also requires inventory control, and merchandising display. Store manager is further responsible for coordination, with company management, of vendor relations, marketing, and in store pricing and promotion initiatives. In concert with company management, this position includes operational budgeting, scheduling of expenditures, store maintenance, and providing and maintaining a safe and upbeat working environment

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Coordinate with Warehouse Operations Manager and Product Manager to maintain merchandise availability, presentation, and store appearance, while emphasizing sales and sales techniques to all staff.
  • Pull from Corporate inventory and manage in store merchandise inventory
  • Identify and coordinate sales trends and customer product requests with Product Manager
  • Interface with all tasks assigned to Warehouse Operations Manager and Product Manager
  • Recruit, train, and schedule store staff. Follow up work result. Mentor, motivate, counsel staff as appropriate, maintain required legal HR notices, and ensure positive and fun work environment for all. Maintain smooth workflow.
  • Secure merchandise by implementing security systems, while maintaining inventory control using computerized documentation.
  • Responsible for special event planning and coordination as well as satellite retail locations and in house wholesale accounts.
  • Achieve budget and financial performance goals for store operation.
  • Coordinate and implement in store marketing initiatives
  • Identify current & future customers, maintain database, respond to customer issues, and participate in company marketing initiatives.
  • Repair, maintain and improve store physical plant, providing safe working environment.
  • Fill in for all in-store positions when needed, multi-task, maintain positive leadership role.
  • Supervise team of retail sales workers
  • Adjust daily schedule for shift personnel to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Train and evaluate employees
  • Track monthly results and trends for business forecasting
  • Resolve escalated customer complaints


  • High School, GED, or higher education required
  • Retail store management experience desirable
  • Familiar with POS & Inventory management systems – particularly Square and Stitch Lab. Experienced with computer systems and programs.
  • HR and people management experience desirable
  • Friendly, outgoing, professional appearance and demeanor required
  • Ability to multi-task, be detail oriented, and calm under pressure required
  • Fluent in English. Fluency in Spanish or other languages a plus
  • Dependable, on time performance a must.
  • Previous experience in retail, customer service, or other related fields
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Strong leadership qualities

Our current store manager is leaving at the end of August, so we are looking to fill this position with an August start date to allow for training.



Product Manager / Office Manager


Reports to and Interfaces with:

Company Management and Accounting, Store Manager, Warehouse Operations Manager, Photographer


Job Overview

Position is computer intensive, including website management, purchasing, receiving, processing, and inventory management of company products and merchandise.

Tasks include purchase order preparation, vendor coordination, follow-up, documentation, and receiving of merchandise.

Further tasks include inventory control, assignment of UPC codes, determination of labeling & packaging requirements for merchandise in accordance with Company standards.

Purchase of required labeling and packaging materials is part of this position along with purchasing of store general supplies as identified by Store Manager.

This person will also oversee various office management responsibilities including working with vendors, contractors, etc.

This person will be responsible for listing products on ecommerce websites. Advanced knowledge and use of computerized inventory management systems, including Square, Stitch Lab, Shopify and e-bay/Amazon is required.

The successful candidate will be organized, detail oriented, and able to interface with both Warehouse Operations and Store Manager.


Responsibilities and Duties

· Develop and maintain purchase order, packing list, and receiving documentation. Maintain order status and communicate expectations to sales teams.

· Maintain continuous status of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable in conjunction with Company Accounting

· Continuously update and maintain inventories

· Assign UPC codes and enter product information in sales systems – Square and Stitch Lab

· Maintain and continuously update Website in conjunction with Company management.

· Coordinate new product photography

· Identify and manage purchase of labeling and packaging supplies, as well as shipping

· supplies based on requisitions from Store Manager and Warehouse Operations Manager

· Office administration (working with contractors, vendors, permits, etc.)

· Basic Admin duties such as filing, answering phones, correspondence.



· High School, GED, or higher education required

· Inventory management experience desirable

· Advanced computer skills including basic Office programs along with Square, Stitch Lab,, Shopify, e-bay, Amazon and similar is a requirement.

· Website development and management experience required


· Fluent in English. Fluency in Spanish or other languages a plus

· Neat clean, professional appearance required – this position interfaces with store customers and sales staff regularly

· Dependable, on time performance is required.