I always liked comic book characters in print and film, but I've never been much of a Comic Con nerd.  The first Comic Con I went to was Comic Con Palm Springs three years ago.  It was an eye-opening experience.  I expected to see a bunch of geeks swapping comic books, playing video games and debating which was the best movie of the year.  Well, there was all that, but so much more.   The first Comic Con Palm Springs, in the desert, in August, at 115 degrees attracted over 10,000 people! 


But it wasn't just the comic book geeks, it was all types.   It was dads and moms with their kids, it was teenagers, it was the cool kids and the geeks, it was the gay and straight kids.  It was little boys and little girls.  It was the closet drag queen who would come as Wonder Woman.   Or the City Councilperson dressing up as Wonder Woman.  It was the developmentally disabled senior dressed as some unknown action figure asking everyone to take his picture.   It was the little kids in the lego room actually using their imagination.   It was the serious kids attending a seminar on how to turn their idea into a comic book.  It was the people in town you see every day, but had no idea they were proudly a comic book nerd.  And it was me. 

And that's where I realized that Comic Con, especially Comic Con Palm Springs, which is so accessible is for everyone.   I literally begged to get Destination PSP to be able to make merchandise for the event.  It wasn't that I thought this would the biggest event in the Valley (we do have the Coachella Music Festival!), but I thought it could be one of the greatest.   It's a formula similar to other cities, but vastly different and totally unique.   Again, where else do you get thousands of people braving the heat (and remember a lot of them are in heavy costumes) just to have fun. 

So now we've got this huge collection of merchandise; mostly just the logo to show our love for the event, and because it's a cool logo.   We've got the t-shirts and caps and mugs, but we also have lamps, clocks, acrylic signs, playing cards, fidget spinners, patches, stickers, temporary tattoos, baby onesies, beanies, notebooks, swizzle sticks, shot glasses, water bottles, fanny packs, string back packs, posters and a few other surprises!

Comic Con Palm Springs Start tomorrow (August 24 and runs through Sunday August 26) at the Palm Springs Air Museum - oh and did I mention you can see the vintage airplanes as part of your admission!   For more information check out http://comicconpalmsprings.com/

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Dec 20, 2020 at 09:47

I agree 100%. I’m ordering the glasses today

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