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Destination PSP: Palm Springs-Focused Shop Debuts

Most of the merch is made in the region, and reflects that desert lifestyle.

David A. Lee Photography
Destination PSP, a shop carrying lots of Palm Springs-related good (with many made in the region), is now open on Palm Canyon Drive.

SUNNY SHOPPING: Trends exist in shopping, of course -- we hear about a new one every week -- but how shopping changes, evolves, and introduces new ways of getting product to customer is also subject to fresh trends and ways of doing business. Take those stores that focus on a particular area. Nope, we don't mean the souvenir shops that only carry mugs and magnets bearing a city's logo; we're talking about shops where a lot of the stuff within is made locally, or at least regionally, and the merchandise has ties to the area beyond the sale, as in supporting local causes. More of these stores have been popping up around the Golden State over the last few years, the better to present the authentic flavor of the area to visitors (and to cater to neighbors who'd like to display some local love as well). Palm Springs is the newest entry onto this list, and the just-debuted Destination PSP is all about made-in-the-sunny-region stuff. For sure, the "unique retail experience," which is located just across from where Hotel Palomar is headed, has Palm Springs-branded products, but shoppers will also find a host of panache-packed original goods, many boasting philanthropic ties.

THOSE TIES INCLUDE... products for the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Desert AIDS Project, and PS ModCom, which supports architecture. "The majority of Destination PSP merchandise is manufactured regionally with sustainablly produced packaging, and all items are designed in-house." Several non-profits are part of the store's mix, in short, and their missions and fundraising efforts are expected to get the love from Destination PSP and its "products for the Palm Springs Lifestyle." In short, if you want an item with local cachet, made in the area, that can help out the area as well, this stylish stop could be your spot. Also, the "PSP" part of the name? Why that's the abbreviation code for the Palm Springs International Airport, of course. Mucho stylish, like its namesake city, non? Find Destination PSP at 170 N. Palm Canyon Drive.